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A Tested And True Tuneable Circuit That Allows All Aspects Of The Transformation Of Collected Radiant Energy To Drive A Prime Mover For Electrical Generation

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Thank you all for visiting our page that discusses the new TTRRET-01 Circuit. This is a radiant energy transformator circuit that allows for full adjustment and elimination of dangerous voltage changes that are very destructive to electrical and electronic components. This circuit has been designed for radiant energy devices that collect extremely high voltages. Most of these collectors do not collect much voltage, but, they can with the inclusion of more conductive antennas. The inclusion of Penetrox, or, conductive paint, followed by a coating of non conductive coatings will assist with the introduction of electrical induction without a literal connection to these voltage sources. So, the more conductive the collector, the more voltage is drawn in. If the conductive device is too thin, it will have nearly no ampacity. This means if we use a piece of aluminum foil and connect it to a #20 wire, the circuit may only be good for 1/4 amp. If we upgrade this to a massive coiled copper tube that has been coated with a gold layer, it will be good for a much higher amperage. The higher the frequency of the pulse, the lower the amperage of the circuit will be as well, the larger the conductor will need to be. The higher the frequency, the voltage will run along the outside of the conductor and have no amperage drive whatsoever, making the system only good for light duty devices. This circuit eliminates the additional variable voltages from flashing over when weather patterns develop that contain higher than normal atmospheric electrical discharges, which may need to use a voltage metering system that will adjust the main induction resistor to eliminate additional voltages that would be drawn in. The circuit could always be modified if your antenna is higher than what would be considered to be opposed to the average radiant energy system, which is about 24-50 feet in the air. If you use coatings such as graphene coatings over your copper coiled collector, as I use, the phenomenon which I call the "Radiant Halo" may happen to you. This phenomenon is what I consider the "over collection" of the energy from ionic charges & "positron induction" which are derived from Positrons in the atmosphere, (These are the charged particles responsible for radiant energy. The positrons collection point, which is located above or at the very upper extremity of a thunder cloud, is charged with these particles and broadcasted all over the world to places where there isn't a storm, making collection possible because the atmosphere is like the layers of a capacitor, with a thunderstorm being one of the places that the dielectric is breaking down and failing, causing the discharge through the insulation (air) to be evident when the discharge happens, which becomes lightning, and the results from which this happens creates another type of energy, worldwide, which is happening anywhere in the world at any given time since lightning strikes approximately 60 times per millisecond somewhere in the world at any given point. This is what allows much of the electricity to remain active in our atmosphere, as it is in layers, causing the capacitor effect and for those of us who build collector sets utilizing capacitive induction antennas, we notice the electricity given off by them, mostly by shock when we first discover this. Since the atmosphere is always connected to itself all the way around the globe, this energy concentration is always there, and is available in mass abundance to everybody on this planet at any given time. This electrical phenomenon is especially strongly concentrated in areas of the world that have more atomspheric collection and are closer to the source of storms than others because the flow of energy takes the least path of resistance to the nearest collector or ground position. Since this energy is extremely vcariable at all times, the electrical draw can sometimes be erratic and will be completely uncontrollable if the wrong devices are used to collect it, or, if the proper components are not used to control it's function, and collection devices are built in "lightning hot spots" such as many places across the United States Eastern Seaboard. Florida is one extreme hot spot that is very difficult to control experimentation due to the fact that thunderstorms are active there basically on a daily basis due to the massive humidity being a very unstable atmosphere. Any place the systems are used in a bad stability area, the phenomenon becomes much stronger, or, they can become weakened, depending on the system and the way the draw is done. Inductively is the way I created my system, and others merely use wire between very good insulators which will create erratic and very extreme voltages that may need systems like this circuit to produce a usable energy. Most people don't believe in radiant energy, or, they simply have never heard of it. Some don't believe it because Tesla discovered it and they were taught that Tesla was a madman due to the hearsay that JP Morgan paid massive amounts of money so Tesla was portrayed to be mad, so Morgan's pocket would benefit from the conventional electric generation systems and their financial charges drawn in through Morgan's nationwide electrical grid that he built. However, There are people that do believe in it, and some of them feel that there is no logical method of using it to do work with because of it's lack of amperage. The energy collected from ionic power can has massive amounts of electricity in it, but, the energy drawn in from this phenomenon is not the same as the electricity that our electrical generators produce, and I will explain this in the next few paragraphs. Radiant energy is a form of energy that we know of which can be harnessed as electricity from our local and worldwide weather systems by many different methods, one in particular is by the use of a Radiant Energy Antenna as Nikola Tesla discovered and patented. This energy is drawn from the electrically charged particles which are transferred from our atmosphere through the antenna through the transformator circuit, and slowly is bled through arc gaps and capacitors to safely discharge to ground . The energy drawn in from Radiant Energy antennas are a DC source. This DC source can not be transformed without being oscillated, so, an oscillator must be present to transfer the voltage from one coil to another in the transformer circuit. To do so, I designed a circuit with a vibrating switch, which is basically an industrial relay in oscillation. Tesla knew not only about the dc voltage he was up against, but also in his design to draw this energy in, he needed to oscillate the voltage so it would send a series of pulses to the transformer, which is called a pulse train that makes the transformer believe it is being fed with AC voltage. This ac voltage transforms and is released as a "pulse train output" of either lower or higher voltage, depending on how the transformer windings are built. The transformer coils must be resonant and have as little opposition as possible otherwise the transformer will either output next to nothing, ot, nothing at all. If the drive amperage on the line side is superceded by the amperage on the load side or secondary side of the transformer, the voltage out will disappear. This happens frequently when transformer coils have too little resistance, or, have too much and the magnetic flux is too strong. I have seen this only usually happen when the resonance is not present and it is extremely difficult to design a system if you are not using the proper transformer winding principles, especially the "right hand rule" which is critical for any type of induction from primary to secondary. There are many types of atmospheric electricity, and the 3 that are listed by science and well known I do not believe are 100% accurate as science states. If I am correct, this would mean that the entire theory and model of how electricity works would be flawed as Newton stated that energy is not created nor destroyed. This would mean that a basic generator does not create a charge, and that it already has the energy and the charge within the conductors. The energy from the prime mover (which pushes the generator's shaft)is not possible to make energy, so, it is merely transferring energy from one place to another by using fuel to do so. The energy is not transferred from the fuel either as we are taught, because the charges in the conductor theory would be wrong if this was the case. I feel we are drawing in a radiant energy which is overcome by the very back emf in the symmetric electric motor design and generation system. ( a generation system is a symmetric permanent magnetic motor working in a reverse method.) If the generator made the energy, this would mean that the magnets would die as they are the source of the energy. If the gas engine was taking the fuel and transferring the energy contained in the fuel to mechanical energy, then, changing the mechanical rotational energy into charged particles in the rotor, it would mean we are making the energy, and, energy could not be manufactured. I feel the energy is drawn in by the utilization of the magnetism and the charges in the windings of the conductor passing by the magnets allowing the quantum vacuum to be created, releasing a realm of energy in the windings output that is normally all around us. If the generator used the magnets to create electricity, the magnets would eventually die because the rotation of the rotor to induce electron flow would be taking the energy stored in the magnet and pushing the electrons through the conductor, instead of inducing atmospheric energy and planetary energy that is allowed to be channeled in using the flux in the magnet to open the door which allows the transfer of the energy manufactured by the rotation of the Earth and it's massive magnetic field. Our planet also has an energetic medium as it is layered like the capacitor from it's core outward, energized exactly the same way as the atom is. What i am saying is that we still have a flow of electrons in the conductor, but, I feel we would have this weather or not the electricity is produced by the motion of a generator, or, if the energy was drawn in environmentally. The Earth is a negatively charged surface that reacts with weather patterns, as well as the atmosphere during different times of the day. Our atmosphere holds a positive charge, which the voltage gradient as we climb from the Earth to the clouds raises approximately 30 volts per foot from the surface until it maxes out at about 300,000 volts according to scientists. I do not for one minute believe this as we could draw much more than this from lightning, and the basis of this charge I feel is started within the layer called the ionisphere, where the charge is not positive but again negative. The ionisphere is an electrically unstable portion of the atmosphere, where the negative charges from the separate layers are constantly bleeding off from the layer above to the layer below, causing ionic particles from the exchange and movement of electrons from one place to another according to science. The layer below the ionisphere is a positively charged layer, which reacts to charge clouds and the air by the reaction of what I believe is positrons, or, free positive particles that release from the bottom layer of the ionisphere and charges the clouds as the storms get heavier and heavier. Once these clouds get fully charged, or get so much energy that they can no longer hold the charge, the dielectric, which is the air between the clouds and the Earth break down like electrical insulation and discharge to through the blanket of air and moisture to the Earth where the opposite charge is attracted to. Since the Earth holds a negative charge, it would be impossible for the clouds to be charged by normal electrons and hold a positive charge when electrons are negatively charged particles, and the cloud has to be positive. The answer to the madness is that the charged particles in the atmosphere are backwards in time moving electrons with a specific bend to the movement. These electrons are called the positron. The positron is a positively charged electron that is attracted to the normal electron, once bonding to the electron, it supposedly causes annihilation, but, this supposedly has been proven to be wrong. Here is some information I have collected about the positron, and I do believe that radiant energy and all other sources of energy that are drawn in are built from this particle as it has some serious potential since they are released from Cosmic rays, gamma rays, laser systems, and many other high heat electrical plasma creating applications. The electrical arc or electrical plasma contains billions of the particles and actually allow them to be drawn into electrical circuitry if we build the circuits correctly. I nor nobody else really know whu these particles are or have been showing themselves to science for so long, and it is hard to say why the government and scientists over the years have been trying to hide these particles. I would once and for all state that they are being hidden from the public's eyes because they are the main source of overunity seen in many systems, but, the positiron is something that I do consider the main factor for all of the crazy phenomenon I have witnessed, especially those circuits that emit a green arc when the positrons are being either drawn in or emitted. I haven't figured out what this means, but, I do know that magnetic fields created by what is supposed to be the opposite of magnetic flux is showing to be the opposite pole that it would be imagined to be. So, with the respect to my electrical polarization, the fields should be opposite of what I get when the overunity source is being fed to my devices, and I am not getting standard magnetic polarization so the more likely thing to say is that overunity is coming from the "harbored Positive particles" in the atmosphere also known as anti-matter, and it is called the Positron! I have gathered below some more important information about the Positron: Please read the article below to understand it's presence: The Positiron: The Positron Discovery: Who discovered it, What it is, and how it works. The Positiron Theory, It's Mystery & It's Rediscovery by Carl D. Anderson, And His Correction To The Mystery By For Which He Was Awarded The Nobel Prize For The Discovery He Produced, Showing That It Wasn't A Proton. In 1928, Paul Dirac published a paper proposing that electrons can have both a positive charge and negative energy. This paper introduced the Dirac equation, a unification of quantum mechanics, special relativity, and the then-new concept of electron spin to explain the Zeeman effect. The paper did not explicitly predict a new particle, but did allow for electrons having either positive or negative energy as solutions. The positive-energy solution explained experimental results, but Dirac was puzzled by the equally valid negative-energy solution that the mathematical model allowed. Quantum mechanics did not allow the negative energy solution to simply be ignored, as classical mechanics often did in such equations; the dual solution implied the possibility of an electron spontaneously jumping between positive and negative energy states. However, no such transition had yet been observed experimentally. He referred to the issues raised by this conflict between theory and observation as "difficulties" that were "unresolved". Dirac wrote a follow-up paper in December 1929 that attempted to explain the unavoidable negative-energy solution for the relativistic electron. He argued that " an electron with negative energy moves in an external [electromagnetic] field as though it carries a positive charge." He further asserted that all of space could be regarded as a "sea" of negative energy states that were filled, so as to prevent electrons jumping between positive energy states (negative electric charge) and negative energy states (positive charge). The paper also explored the possibility of the proton being an island in this sea, and that it might actually be a negative-energy electron. Dirac acknowledged that the proton having a much greater mass than the electron was a problem, but expressed "hope" that a future theory would resolve the issue. Robert Oppenheimer argued strongly against the proton being the negative-energy electron solution to Dirac's equation. He asserted that if it were, the hydrogen atom would rapidly self-destruct. Persuaded by Oppenheimer's argument, Dirac published a paper in 1931 that predicted the existence of an as-yet unobserved particle that he called an "anti-electron" that would have the same mass as an electron and that would mutually annihilate upon contact with an electron. Feynman, and earlier Stueckelberg, proposed an interpretation of the positron as an electron moving backward in time, reinterpreting the negative-energy solutions of the Dirac equation. Electrons moving backward in time would have a positive electric charge. Wheeler invoked this concept to explain the identical properties shared by all electrons, suggesting that "they are all the same electron" with a complex, self-intersecting worldline. Yoichiro Nambu later applied it to all production and annihilation of particle-antiparticle pairs, stating that "the eventual creation and annihilation of pairs that may occur now and then is no creation or annihilation, but only a change of direction of moving particles, from past to future, or from future to past." The backwards in time point of view is nowadays accepted as completely equivalent to other pictures, but it does not have anything to do with the macroscopic terms "cause" and "effect", which do not appear in a microscopic physical description. Experimental clues and discovery: Dmitri Skobeltsyn first observed the positron in 1929. While using a Wilson cloud chamber[11] to try to detect gamma radiation in cosmic rays, Skobeltsyn detected particles that acted like electrons but curved in the opposite direction in an applied magnetic field. Likewise, in 1929 Chung-Yao Chao, a graduate student at Caltech, noticed some anomalous results that indicated particles behaving like electrons, but with a positive charge, though the results were inconclusive and the phenomenon was not pursued. Carl D. Anderson discovered the positron on August 2, 1932, for which he won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1936. Anderson did not coin the term positron, but allowed it at the suggestion of the Physical Review journal editor to which he submitted his discovery paper in late 1932. The positron was the first evidence of antimatter and was discovered when Anderson allowed cosmic rays to pass through a cloud chamber and a lead plate. A magnet surrounded this apparatus, causing particles to bend in different directions based on their electric charge. The ion trail left by each positron appeared on the photographic plate with a curvature matching the mass-to-charge ratio of an electron, but in a direction that showed its charge was positive. Anderson wrote in retrospect that the positron could have been discovered earlier based on Chung-Yao Chao's work, if only it had been followed up. Frédéric and Irène Joliot-Curie in Paris had evidence of positrons in old photographs when Anderson's results came out, but they had dismissed them as protons. Natural production: Main article: Positron emission Positrons are produced naturally in β+ decays of naturally occurring radioactive isotopes (for example, potassium-40) and in interactions of gamma quanta (emitted by radioactive nuclei) with matter. Antineutrinos are another kind of antiparticle created by natural radioactivity (β− decay). Many different kinds of antiparticles are also produced by (and contained in) cosmic rays. Recent (as of January 2011) research by the American Astronomical Society has discovered antimatter (positrons) originating above thunderstorm clouds; positrons are produced in gamma-ray flashes created by electrons accelerated by strong electric fields in the clouds. Antiprotons have also been found to exist in the Van Allen Belts around the Earth by the PAMELA module. Antiparticles, of which the most common are positrons due to their low mass, are also produced in any environment with a sufficiently high temperature (mean particle energy greater than the pair production threshold). During the period of baryogenesis, when the universe was extremely hot and dense, matter and antimatter were continually produced and annihilated. The presence of remaining matter, and absence of detectable remaining antimatter, also called baryon asymmetry, is attributed to CP-violation: a violation of the CP-symmetry relating matter to antimatter. The exact mechanism of this violation during baryogenesis remains a mystery. Positrons production from radioactive β+ decay, can be considered both artificial and natural production, as the generation of the radioisotope can be natural or artificial. Perhaps the best known naturally-occurring radioisotope which produces positrons is potassium-40, a long-lived isotope of potassium which occurs as a primordial isotope of potassium, and even though a small percent of potassium, (0.0117%) is the single most abundant radioisotope in the human body. In a human body of 70 kg mass, about 4,400 nuclei of 40K decay per second. The activity of natural potassium is 31 Bq/g. About 0.001% of these 40K decays produce about 4000 natural positrons per day in the human body. These positrons soon find an electron, undergo annihilation, and produce pairs of 511 keV gamma rays, in a process similar (but much lower intensity) to that which happens during a PET scan nuclear medicine procedure. Observation in cosmic rays: Main article: Cosmic ray Satellite experiments have found evidence of positrons (as well as a few antiprotons) in primary cosmic rays, amounting to less than 1% of the particles in primary cosmic rays. These do not appear to be the products of large amounts of antimatter from the Big Bang, or indeed complex antimatter in the universe (evidence for which is lacking, see below). Rather, the antimatter in cosmic rays appear to consist of only these two elementary particles, probably made in energetic processes long after the Big Bang. Preliminary results from the presently operating Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS-02) on board the International Space Station show that positrons in the cosmic rays arrive with no directionality, and with energies that range from 10 GeV to 250 GeV. In September, 2014, new results with almost twice as much data were presented in a talk at CERN and published in Physical Review Letters. A new measurement of positron fraction up to 500 GeV was reported, showing that positron fraction peaks at a maximum of about 16% of total electron+positron events, around an energy of 275 ± 32 GeV. At higher energies, up to 500 GeV, the ratio of positrons to electrons begins to fall again. The absolute flux of positrons also begins to fall before 500 GeV, but peaks at energies far higher than electron energies, which peak about 10 GeV. These results on interpretation have been suggested to be due to positron production in annihilation events of massive dark matter particles. Positrons, like anti-protons, do not appear to originate from any hypothetical "antimatter" regions of the universe. On the contracy, there is no evidence of complex antimatter atomic nuclei, such as antihelium nuclei (i.e., anti-alpha particles), in cosmic rays. These are actively being searched for. A prototype of the AMS-02 designated AMS-01, was flown into space aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery on STS-91 in June 1998. By not detecting any antihelium at all, the AMS-01 established an upper limit of 1.1×10−6 for the antihelium to helium flux ratio. Artificial production: New research has dramatically increased the quantity of positrons that experimentalists can produce. Physicists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California have used a short, ultra-intense laser to irradiate a millimetre-thick gold target and produce more than 100 billion positrons. Applications: Certain kinds of particle accelerator experiments involve colliding positrons and electrons at relativistic speeds. The high impact energy and the mutual annihilation of these matter/antimatter opposites create a fountain of diverse subatomic particles. Physicists study the results of these collisions to test theoretical predictions and to search for new kinds of particles. Gamma rays, emitted indirectly by a positron-emitting radionuclide (tracer), are detected in positron emission tomography (PET) scanners used in hospitals. PET scanners create detailed three-dimensional images of metabolic activity within the human body. An experimental tool called positron annihilation spectroscopy (PAS) is used in materials research to detect variations in density, defects, displacements, or even voids, within a solid material. Radiant Energy Continued: This theory has been hidden from the general public for many years as we all would have known about these positive particles and their ability to be induced as the weather patterns have an induced effect, as well as the positively charged particles in the atmosphere. This would have enabled us long ago to draw our electricity from the sky as Tesla claimed could be done, as well, in many of our components and devices we have and use daily on this planet. For instance, I have found that back emf produces a charge great enough to expose the energy created and stored inside of an inductor. The energy is releaed as a pulse when the electricity is taken away and the inductive field collapses. The energy stored in the inductor is released opposite it's feed, but with a much greater voltage gradient, quicker than the way it was powered. The energy causes a flash across the arc gap or connection and the field around it which is going away and changing very raidly allows for positirons to be drawn into the arc gap that's filled with arc from the back emf energy. The arc will be green if radiant energy is drawn in, which is caused by Ferro magnetic resonance, which I believe is the difference in potential between the positively charged inductor and the force and speed the magnetic flux has been dissipated from the core, leaving a vacuum so to speak that opens the door for the invited radiant energy to be drawn in. The clouds in a Thunderstorm charge and hold a very large positive charge that discharges when the cloud is too loaded voltage. The air voltage gradient has a continual electrification (re-charging) and is measured at about 30 volts per foot from the ground to the sky, which eventually maxes out at what scientists claim to be 300,000 volts. Now, I have a very big problem when they state the voltage is maxed out at 300,000 volts especially when lightning is in the millions of volts. Maybe what is happening is that the atmospheric layer we measure at 30 volts per foot is correct and maxes out until a thuderstorm is built. Our atmosphere and planet are a huge electrical circuit. When the weather changes, many things happen. Many aspects of electricity come from the atmosphere, starting with charges created in the ionisphere by the charges of the layers above and below as well their effect on our planet as a capacitor, the planet, and it's layers continue it's makeup in this multi layer capacitor. The ionisphere stores a massive charge. The charge is basically the same as a capacitor as the layers of the atmosphere are made up of different layers. These layers act like conductors and dielectrics, just as in a capacitor. The composition of these layers are not completely equal, and, with weather, clouds, etc., the dielectric layers sometimes change becoming not so dielectric, especially once the clouds with moisture come between the layers, transferring the charge from the ionisphere to the moist layers, charging and charging as the clouds build, eventually getting so high that when the moment is right, discharges to the ground as lightning. Radiant energy is drawn from this source, and, it is actually drawn from it in many ways, much more today than we all know about. Many circuits and devices used that contain arc gaps or sparks created from commutators, or, switches that oscillate absorb these charged positive particles and the new "invisible" but powerful secondary source is drawn into the conventional electrical circuit without most of us noticing. These charges in the ionisphere are a positive charge, and, the ground of Earth is the negative charge, when the potential difference between them gets too great, and favorable conditions are met, they discharge through the layers and strike to ground as the opposites are attracted to each other. We could eliminate a lot of these destructive charges by drawing from them on a daily basis, making the voltage gradient much more gradual than it is, allowing us to produce energy for our homes or businesses by using the correct systems today, if we used the correct motors to drive generation. Mr. Newman created probably one of the only systems on the planet that would be capable of driving a generator with this source, but, fortunately enough, between Mr. Newman's motor, our circuit shown above, and the collection systems that are equivalent with ionic power draws and the research centers that have been drawing this energy would need to be driven through my circuit, then, directed from my circuit at the correct voltage to Mr. Newman's motor to drive a generator which in turn would create loads of conventional energy to power our power distribution systems without fuel being used. I await the groups out there to get in contact with me regarding this phenomenon, as well, hopefully we, myself, Mr. Newman, and ionic power generation groups are brought together to try this circuitry as it seems to be something deemed necessary to function correctly and produce large amounts of power as our world needs. If anybody has any questions, please feel free to comment in the comments section below. I do encourage anybody who builds or designs and tinkers with any radiant energy systems please post your results here, or email me at with your images, videos, video links, or ideas you may have. Schematics are vital to the successful R&D of any system built. I ask that anybody who uses any of these devices for your research, please bring them to an open community such as ours and protect them with disclaimers such as mine. I don't wish to patent or sell these systems, but, with my designs, if somebody takes them and makes money with them without my knowledge, I would certainly like to get paid for my designs, just as anybody else would wish. Please visit some of our other pages and websites below: Mbrcircuit A-01 & A-02 Advanced Electronic - Consumer Electronics Store In the very near future, we will be starting our very own shop to sell research and developmental kits, for the hobbyist and educational institutions. The websites will both contain a forum for all to start your own posts and fields/niches of conversation related to the research of free energy and zero point energy . The new websites are currently hosting other information, such as . This is currently a page for the design and sales of experimental electronic systems and circuits. Please come and visit the page whenever you wish. tHE FORUM will be installed there after February 1st. Thabnk you for having interest in my circuits and attempting to better our planet! Respectfully, Marc Vincent Belanger Dezeinstein Technologies